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Let’s make sure you know what web hosting is and what your church or organization is paying for. Many people think when they purchase web hosting they are getting their web site. However web hosting is not the web site.

First there are a few things to you will need to have before you set up your web hosting.

Domain Name: You will purchase from Eclipse Graphics or from a certified Domain Name Registrar your domain or web site name “awesomechurch.org” or “myawesomebusiness.com”. If you have not purchased a domain name yet simply call Eclipse Graphics 614-286-4436 and we can get you one right over the phone within a few minutes you will need the name you hope to own and your credit card.

Your domain name is the “URL” or “Domain” you will own for a period of time depending on how long you purchased them name (typically a year). Each year you will pay a small fee to keep the Domain Name and use it again. Once you purchase the name it is very hard for you to lose that name. It is owned by you no matter if you purchased it through Eclipse Graphics or another Registrar. The annual fee covers the cost of the registrar to index your name and location of your web server and then have that name point or direct visitors to your web hosting server where your web site resides.

Credit card: Your web hosting fee is a monthly charge that will automatically be charged at the beginning of each month for use of the server and the web hosting services provided by Eclipse Graphics.

Contact information. We will need the name of your organization and who to make contact with first regarding anything about your web hosting or web site that you put on your server.

Web Hosting AdministratorSo what is web hosting and why am I charged every month?

Your web hosting fee covers the cost of multiple things. Web Hosting covers the cost and use of a web server. The use of a web server that contains all the files and data needed to “serve” content ie. text, photos, videos, media etc. to a visitor that types in your URL or Domain name and is sent across the internet to your specific area on a web server. The monthly fee covers the hardware and software running on the server. It also includes the cost of networking hardware like routers, firewalls and the use of the network bandwidth and electricity to power the server. Web hosting also pays for the staff to perform routine maintenance and software updates. It does not cover the cost if you require specialized functions or happen to erase or cause the server to stop working. Basically everything involved in keeping a computer server up running and connected to the internet is covered in the monthly fee so you may use it to load a web site on to that people can visit.

So after seeing what it covers you can see why it is important to choose your web hosting company carefully. Eclipse has seen clients choose discount hosting and worked with clients on many occasions that use a discount host only to find out that if your web site gets erased or lost they simply don’t take time to recover it they simply wipe the account and give you a clean space back for you to work in again. So be careful when choosing a large discount company you will simply be a number to them and their way of fixing your issue is what ever is the fastest least costly way for them to fix your issue. So if you want to run your business from your web site or an online store it’s vital you choose a reputable web hosting company that understands your organization or churches mission. We hope that demystifies what web hosting is for you. In short web hosting is a working space on a server for you to use and “serve” your web site to customers with thousands of important items that need maintained and taken care of every day. Hopefully you have a better understanding of what web hosting is.

If you are looking to run everything on you own choose “Self Managed Web Hosting” below. If you want the professionals at Eclipse to set up design and maintain your web site select “Managed Web Hosting”.

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