Managed Web Hosting

Fully Managed Web Hosting for organizations and businesses.
Thank you for selecting Managed Web Hosting by Eclipse Graphics. With this web hosting plan Eclipse takes care of your web server from top to bottom. You do not need to update, maintain, or manage any software, email accounts or items on your web server. Eclipse Graphics will consistently update WordPress and your mySQL databases and store backups of them for you if you ever need them. We will set up and create mySQL databases for your site and manage all your passwords and FTP settings. All you will need to do is email us when you need your server or emails updated. As simple as that so you can sleep comfortabliy knowing your server is being taken care of professionally.

Mail Server Info

Incoming & Outgoing SMTP

Mail Ports
For incoming, use port 110 if you’re on a POP account and 143 if using IMAP. Use ports 25 and 587 for outgoing. Do not use 465 for outgoing in Apple Mail.

What to expect next.

  • Once your account is created and paid for Eclipse will contact you to confirm your order.
  • Eclipse Graphics will setup your new web server.
  • All required server access info will be sent to you.
  • Eclipse will confirm that you have access to your server.
  • Begin to build your web site!