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Display Banners

Colorful Durable Promotion
$70 Shipped
  • The X banners are available in several sizes and are a durable and long lasting way to promote event or services to customers or attendee’s in full color. X-Banners are simple to set up and store for any situation.
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Web Site Hosting

Awesome web sites begin here.
$10.95 a Month
  • Our self managed web site hosting plan is perfect for anyone to get up and running right away at an incredible rate. Our web site plan includes amazing tools all set up and secured by Eclipse Graphics.
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Is your domain name secure

Your domain name is the single most important online marketing tool that your business, church or organization owns. Proper ownership and maintenance of your domain name are crucial to avoid site ending problems in the future.

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What is web hosting?

Let’s make sure you know what web hosting is and what your church or organization is paying for. Many people think when they purchase web hosting they are getting their web site. However web hosting is not the web site.

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