Web Hosting

Web hosting plans for Christian organizations, churches and businesses.

Eclipse provides Christian based web hosting and support for churches and Christian organizations. Please choose the type of web hosting you need below. If you have questions about “what is web hosting” or are not sure what the cost of web hosting includes then take a moment to read our article “What is web hosting” for an explanation on what web hosting fees cover and what your church, company or organization is paying for.


Self Managed Web Hosting

You do all your own stunts. Your motto is “I’ve got this!” You jump pools filled with sharks on your breaks. If you are a web or tech guru, then our self managed hosting plan is for you. You get all the tools to set up and run your web hosting, email and mySQL till the cow’s come home. All backed by our like minded support staff in case you crash and burn it to the ground. But hey that’s how you roll ’cause you will just build it bigger and better next time!

Managed Web Hosting

You are a pro. You honestly don’t have the time or inclination to set up a web site, manage emails, backup mySQL databases, run web software updates, update accounts, or keep track of passwords and spam filters. You appreciate those who know how to handle all the above and want someone like that on your team. If this is you, then have Eclipse fully set up, manage and run your web server so your online presence will be the best it can be.